The Asia Foundation Releases Second Mongolia Corruption Benchmarking Survey

Ulaanbaatar, December 13, 2006 — The Asia Foundation recently released the results of a second corruption benchmarking survey in Mongolia. These surveys are aimed at better understanding the scope and incidence of corruption at the household level, as well as public attitudes toward corruption, in Mongolia. Despite the government’s progress creating the legal framework and institutions needed to fight corruption, perceptions and the incidence of corruption are little changed from the first survey, which was conducted in March 2006.

Two-thirds of respondents perceive that corruption has increased in the last three years, and that it most likely affects politics and business. Approximately three-quarters of Mongolians report no personal experience with corruption over the three-month recall period. However, a significantly larger percentage of respondents said that they would pay a bribe if they had the money. At the same time, over half of Mongolians demand strong punitive measure against corruption.

Under this program, a total of six surveys are being conducted semiannually. This survey represented 601 respondents in Ulaanbaatar and four provinces: Arkhangai, Selenge, Uvs and Khentii.

The survey report is available for download in PDF format in English and Mongolian. To view the English version, click here. To view the Mongolian version, click here.

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