Fall 2008

America’s Role in Asia Informs New President’s Policy Decisions

In September, The Asia Foundation released America’s Role in Asia: Asian and American Views, a book providing recommendations for U.S. policy toward Asia. Every four years, the program brings together a distinguished group of Asian and American policy experts, current and former diplomats, and scholars to discuss, develop, and author these recommendations. The program reflects The Asia Foundation’s view that if workable solutions to common problems are to be found, perspectives from both sides of the Pacific must be heard and shared.

The book provides policymakers with concrete recommendations on issues from stability on the Korean peninsula, conflict in Afghanistan, and the global war on terror; to energy security, environmental degradation and Asia’s political and economic architecture, trade, and investment. The initial release of the recommendations coincided with the U.S. presidential and congressional elections and provides unique perspective for forthcoming U.S. policy toward Asia. Read more about America’s Role in Asia or download the full report.

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