Gretchen Kunze Discusses Laotian Women’s Issues and Gender Equality

March 8, 2011 — In honor of International Women’s Day, an article in Radio Australia News discusses the progress of women’s rights and the need for further improvement in various countries. In Laos, The Asia Foundation’s Gretchen Kunze says Laotian women face problems when it comes to access to healthcare. Kunze explains, “Medical clinics in the remote countryside are not adequately staffed; in some places there isn’t even running water within medical facilities. So efforts to train up, certainly nurses and doctors, but midwives, assistants and even people who can help transport women and have some backup plans in case something goes wrong – all of these programs are absolutely vital in this country.” Read the full article: “World marks centenary of International Women’s Day” or listen to the full interview: “Lao women’s groups tackle trafficking, violence.”

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