Summer 2011

New Book on Economic Governance

Asia is at a crossroads, and citizens and entrepreneurs continue to face severe challenges to prosperity. “Local economies are failing to live up to their potential,” says The Asia Foundation’s Dr. Bruce Tolentino, economist and co-author of Innovations in Strengthening Local Economic Governance in Asia. “A strong need to accelerate and sustain broad-based economic growth persists…effective governance and strong institutional capacity will sustain growth.”

Released on May 25 in Washington DC to international specialists and the media, the text is a timely resource for policymakers and development professionals. Case studies and on-the-ground insights culled from our cutting-edge economic reform and development programs in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam are highlighted; our signature Economic Governance Index is detailed for readers.

Formerly the Foundation’s chief economist, Dr. Tolentino recently accepted the position of country representative in our Afghanistan office; as of July, he’s been in Kabul, where the Foundation has been active since 1954. His appointment reflects our commitment to local economic governance as a key development component in the country. He is succeeded by Veronique Salze-Lozac’h, formerly our regional director of economic programs, based in Cambodia.