See-won Byun Examines the Korea-China-Japan Triangle

August 24, 2011 — An article in (Italy) features an interview with the Center for U.S.-Korea Policy’s See-Won Byun. Byun discusses the “Korea-China-Japan triangle” and how the relationship has evolved over the years. She explains, “Although prospects for this trilateral as a security mechanism remains uncertain, their current 10-year plan envisions a comprehensive partnership that raises an interesting question of whether economic cooperation can lead to the security cooperation that has been lacking in the region.  The Korea-China-Japan triangle can also be understood in comparison to other ‘strategic triangles’ in the region, namely U.S.-Japan-Korea (U.S. allies) and U.S.-Japan-China (major powers), and may be distinguished as an ‘exclusively Asian’ grouping focused on common regional issues.” Read the full article: “Interview with See-Won Byun, Center for U.S.- Korea Policy.


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