Fall 2012

Asia Foundation at Google’s Big Tent on Open Data and Disaster Preparedness

On July 2 in Sendai, Japan, nearly a year and a half after the tragic earthquake and tsunami that devastated the region, The Asia Foundation participated in a Google Big Tent conference to examine using open data in disaster relief and to call attention to natural disaster management across both developed and developing countries. As nations across the globe increasingly embrace innovative information and communications technology tools to help support disaster management, the conference gathered leading experts in technology, emergency assistance, and development to discuss progress and challenges ahead. The forum featured experts from Google, The Asia Foundation, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, ChangeFusion, InSTEDD, NetHope, UNOCHA, and World Vision.

The Asia Foundation has been helping to natural disasters and the increasing threats from climate change for nearly two decades. Drawing on experiences from our disaster management training programs in the Pacific Islands and China, Michelle L. Chang, co-chair of The Asia Foundation’s Technology Working Group, spoke on an expert panel on open data governance at Google’s Big Tent.