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Our Founders

In 1954, a group of forward-thinking citizens who shared a strong interest in Asia, distinguished personal achievements, and dedicated public service established The Asia Foundation— a private, non-governmental organization devoted to promoting democracy, rule of law, and market-based development in post-war Asia.

Among the original founding officers of the board, there were several presidents/chairmen of large companies including T.S. Peterson, CEO of Standard Oil of California (now Chevron), Brayton Wilbur, president of Wilbur-Ellis Co., and J.D. Zellerbach, chairman of the Crown Zellerbach Corporation; four university presidents including Grayson Kirk from Columbia, J.E. Wallace Sterling of Stanford, and Raymond Allen from UCLA; prominent attorneys including Turner McBaine and A. Crawford Greene; Pulitzer Prize-winning writer James Michener; Paul Hoffman, the first administrator of the Marshall Plan in Europe; and several major figures in foreign affairs.

As we mark The Asia Foundation's 60th year in 2014 and reflect on the remarkable vision the founders set out so many decades ago, our fundamental values and mission ring as true and are as critical as ever.

Founding Officers:

Brayton Wilbur, Sr.

Chairman (1954-1963)
President and Chief Executive Officer of Wilbur-Ellis Co.

Robert Blum

President (1954-1962)

Turner H. McBaine

Secretary (1954-1985)
Attorney, Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, San Francisco

James D. "J. D." Zellerbach

Treasurer (1954-1956)
Chairman of the Board of the Crown Zellerbach Corporation

Founding Board of Trustees (and their term):

Raymond B. Allen (1954-1959)

Chancellor of the University of California at Los Angeles

J. Ballard Atherton (1954-1962)

President of Hawaiian Telephone Company

A. Crawford Greene (1954-1966)

Prominent San Francisco Attorney

R. Allen Griffin (1954-1981)

President, Monterey Peninsula Herald

Paul G. Hoffman (1954-1959)

Chairman of the Studebaker Corporation

Grayson Kirk (1954-1979)

President, Columbia University

Walter H. Mallory (1954-1973)

Executive Director, Council on Foreign Relations

James A. Michener (1954-1963)

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novelist

Robbins Milbank (1954-1981)

Executive Director, News Hampshire Charitable Fund

Mrs. Maurice T. Moore (1954-1998)

Chairman of the Board, State University of New York

T.S. Peterson (1954-1966)

CEO of Standard Oil of California (now Chevron)

Mrs. Henry P. Russell (1954-1966)

San Francisco Civic Leader

Paul C. Smith (1954-1966)

Chairman and President of Crowell-Collier Publishing Company

Russell Smith (1954-1990)

Executive Vice-President, Bank of America, San Francisco

J.E. Wallace Sterling (1954-1970)

Chancellor, Stanford University

Charles P. Taft (1954-1956)

Former Mayor of Cincinnati

Henry M. Wriston (1954-1963)

President of Brown University
Chairman of Council on Foreign Relations

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