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Working Together for Lasting Change: Partner Spotlight

Estée Lauder

The Estée Lauder Companies is touching the lives of young women in the Mekong Delta through a unique private public partnership with The Asia Foundation's Women's Empowerment Program – creating The Estée Lauder Scholars. View a slideshow of the Estée Lauder scholarship recipients here.


Since the mid-1990s, Chevron has supported a range of Asia Foundation initiatives including science education in the Philippines, scholarships for girls at risk for trafficking in Cambodia, and economic development programs in Bangladesh. Most recently, Chevron has become a Premier-level sponsor of The Asia Foundation's Lotus Leadership Awards Luncheon.

Levi's and Levi Strauss Foundation

Since the late 1990s, Levi Strauss & Co. and the Levi Strauss Foundation have partnered with The Asia Foundation to address migrant workers' rights in China's industrialized hubs. The program has benefited more than one million workers in one thousand factories in twenty-two cities located in China's Pearl River Delta, Lower Yangtze River Valley and Beijing.


Microsoft's cash and in-kind gifts have helped establish community technology centers in Cambodia, Indonesia, and China that have been visited by hundreds of thousands of local citizens giving them access to needed information and technology resources.

The Del Monte Foundation, Inc.

The Del Monte Foundation, Inc. generously supported The Asia Foundation's Books for Asia program to distribute 12,600 books to nearly 250 public elementary schools in the province of Bukidnon, on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported an innovative project in Vietnam to enhance public internet access and improve the quality and impact of public library institutions through training of library staff.


Through its unique partnership with Give2Asia and its community of corporate and individual philanthropists, The Asia Foundation has received funding to support a variety of programs, including: post-tsunami recovery projects in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia; post-earthquake recovery projects in China; girls' education in Afghanistan; and many others.

The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation

The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation has partnered with The Asia Foundation to support women's empowerment programs throughout the Asia-Pacific region. In Afghanistan, Gerbode's funds have supported Afghan girls' education and legal training for women, men, and youth to increase public understanding of the need for equal rights for women. In Vietnam, our partnership has promoted safe migration education for children.

The Henry Luce Foundation

Since 1974, The Asia Foundation has administered the Asian portion of the Luce Foundation's Luce Scholars Program, helping over 500 young American college graduates gain experience in and understanding of the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, the Henry Luce Foundation supports exchange programs for U.S., Chinese, and North Korean emerging leaders and diplomats to encourage dialogue and cultural understanding. To read more about this exciting program, please click here.

The McConnell Foundation

In Nepal, with generous support from The McConnell Foundation, The Asia Foundation is working to improve access to justice services for local populations, and promote police reform. In Laos, our partnership is supporting the first-ever community-based water quality monitoring project, and building the capacity of women leaders across the country.

The Shirin Pandju Merali Foundation

The Shirin Pandju Merali Foundation is providing the means for nearly 500 academically-promising women in Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Malaysia, and Vietnam to pursue university-level educations at prestigious universities in their home countries. To learn more about the Shirin Pandju Merali Foundation and this program, please click here.

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