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Wen Jiabao Gets the Red Carpet Treatment From Kim Jong Il

October 7, 2009

Days following the conclusion of China’s 60th anniversary celebration of its founding, Premier Wen Jiabao brought a high-powered delegation to Pyongyang to mark the 60th anniversary of Sino-DPRK ties and to facilitate a dialogue on North Korea’s nuclear issues with Kim Jong Il. This exceptionally large delegation of Chinese senior officials received Pyongyang’s version of a first-class welcome: hundreds of thousands of citizens lining the streets and a personal airport reception by Kim Jong Il. Read the full post.

Scott Snyder directs The Asia Foundation’s Center for U.S.-Korea Policy. Snyder blogged on Global Security about Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s three-day visit to North Korea this week. He was quoted in a recent Associated Press story about North Korea’s suggestion that it may return to nuclear negotiations. He can be reached at

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