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Award-Winning Radiohead-MTV Exit Music Video Raises Awareness about Human Trafficking

November 11, 2009

Last week, USAID, Radiohead, and MTV EXIT announced that their music video collaboration had received the prestigious 2009 Asia-Pacific Child Rights Award. The USAID-MTV EXIT (End EXploitation and Trafficking) campaign in partnership with influential UK-rock band Radiohead produced the innovative music video for their song “All I Need” off the album In Rainbows.

All MTV EXIT programming was produced rights-free, allowing for the MTV Europe Foundation to give the programming away for free to any broadcaster or organization, thus maximizing the overall reach of these important anti-trafficking messages. Read the full press release.

The Asia Foundation collaborated to launch the first-ever MTV Exit Campaign in Mongolia beginning in 2007 and dedicated to producing content against human trafficking for a Mongolian audience. Read more about the Foundation’s anti-trafficking work in Mongolia.



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