Notes from the Field

From Mongolia: Eighth Corruption Survey Released

December 9, 2009

Today, International Anti-Corruption Day, The Asia Foundation released its eighth semi-annual Corruption Benchmarking Survey (CBS) in Mongolia. The only surveying tool in Mongolia that gauges corruption on the household level, the survey was conducted in partnership with the Sant Maral Foundation using multi-level randomization and face-to-face interviews. Findings from the survey indicate that Mongolian households are increasingly paying more bribes, with one in every five Mongolian households having paid a bribe within a three-month period.

Since 2006, The Asia Foundation has conducted this survey twice a year to monitor the scope, incidence, and impact of corruption at the household level over time, in an effort to analyze trends and strengthen institutional and public capacity to deter and reduce corruption in Mongolia. For more information, download the full report.



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