Welcome to the New ‘In Asia’

January 26, 2011

Today, we welcome readers to the first edition of In Asia’s new layout.

Since launching in early 2007, The Asia Foundation’s In Asia blog has served as a respectful source for on-the-ground perspectives on current events and issues shaping Asia and the world of development and international affairs. Drawing on first-hand insight from over 70 renowned experts in over 20 countries and guest contributions from leading policy-makers and global thinkers, In Asia will continue to guide you to and through the most critical issues facing the region – from the environment, elections, and conflict to development trends, economic challenges, and governance concerns.

The bulk of the site’s new features can be found on every page, in the left and right sidebars. Stay connected with our bloggers through In Asia‘s new “Featured” section, and check back for regular highlights on Foundation-produced surveys and publications that influence policy making and analysis. Take a look at our rotating cutting-edge videos and slideshows that provide in-country reporting about The Asia Foundation’s work and key development issues. Learn what other experts are saying through “What We’re Reading,” or check out our live Twitter feed with daily links to insightful analysis, stories, and breaking news. And take advantage of the “Related Posts” area, which provides a variety of relevant archived content on each post page.

Thanks for your continued readership and we hope you enjoy In Asia‘s new layout. For questions or comments, email Alma Freeman:

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