Notes from the Field

New Book Examines Innovations in Local Economic Governance in Asia

May 25, 2011

Innovations in Strengthening Local Economic Governance in AsiaThe global financial crisis that shocked both East and West has left economic managers and political leaders “distressed and fearful” for the first time since the Great Depression – so begins a new book entitled “Innovations in Strengthening Local Economic Governance in Asia,” released today by The Asia Foundation. The book presents cutting-edge insights from on the ground in Asia from the Foundation’s development experts in the U.S. and Asia on strengthening economic governance in Asia, and features case studies from the mid-1990s to the present in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. In July, book co-author and chief economist Bruce Tolentino will bring his economic expertise to Afghanistan as the new country representative of The Asia Foundation’s office in Kabul. Download book.

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