Notes from the Field

Report Examines Labor Migration Concerns for Cambodian Workers

June 1, 2011

Despite steady economic growth, many Cambodians, especially young people (more than half the population is under 25) struggle to find jobs, and increasingly look to other countries for better prospects. Cambodia’s government continues to develop policies concerning the migration of the Cambodian workforce overseas as a way to increase domestic economic growth and combat unemployment. At the same time, the legal framework in Cambodia struggles to keep up with the rapid evolution of labor migration trends, leaving thousands of migrant workers without the critical protections that robust monitoring and regulation should, but doesn’t, provide. A new Asia Foundation report, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), examines rules that govern migration and identifies legislation that can be employed to protect those who become victims during irregular migration, and that can be used against those who perpetrate and profit from it.

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