Asia Foundation President David D. Arnold Speaks at Economist’s Banyan Conference on Asia’s Global Security Role

October 12, 2011

While many regions of Asia have seen rapid development, the prevalence of ongoing internal conflicts in more turbulent corners remains an enduring problem that increased wealth and state power have not been able to address, impacting the dynamics of regional security cooperation. On October 18, Asia Foundation President David D. Arnold will join leading experts in Singapore for a panel discussion at The Economist‘s Banyan Conference, “Ideas for an Asian Century.” Moderated by Economist Asia editor, Dominic Ziegler, Arnold will join Kripa Sridharan, head of Research Asia, World-Check to discuss the implications these internal conflicts have on Asia’s future, as well as The Asia Foundation’s long-term efforts to address the problems that perpetuate such conflicts.

The Banyan conference is a preeminent forum where global and Asian leaders discussed perspectives and ideas on the political, cultural, economic, social and technological future of Asia. Attendees and speakers came from the worlds of government, multilateral organizations, private sector, and international NGOs. Read more about the Banyan conference.

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