Analyzing Malaysia’s Business Environment through Data Visualization

May 9, 2012

On May 8, The Asia Foundation launched a new data visualization tool to help policy-makers and citizens explore the findings of the new 2012 Malaysia Business Environment Index (BEI), the only diagnostic tool designed to measure the business-friendliness of local governments in the country. The BEI collects a significant amount of data through a survey of 635 small- and medium-sized firms in 11 city and municipal districts across Malaysia. The BEI ranks these 11 districts against each other based on a 100-point scale, and scores the relative performance of each district along nine sub-indices designed to capture key elements of the local business environment. The new visualization tool allows policy-makers and the public to quickly compare how different districts rank, and explore the research data in greater detail. In addition, the full BEI report is available for download, along with the data compiled from the surveys and subsequently used to design the visualization tool. Data visualization is a tool The Asia Foundation is using increasingly to help synthesize large data sets and make them more accessible for broader analysis. Click on the image below to view the site.

The above graphic displays the overall scores of the Business Environment Index (BEI).

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