New Report Evaluates Better Practices for Election Commissions

October 3, 2012

Despite the important role played by election commissions globally, there are presently no established baseline standards, or even studies clearly identifying better practices on the dissemination of information by these bodies. A new report, prepared by the Centre for Law and Democracy (CLD), in collaboration with The Asia Foundation, surveys the different approaches that election commissions take in different countries and regions of the world, identifying better practices as well as approaches that are to be avoided. Drawing on these practices, as well as international law, the report provides a resource for commissions in both developed and developing democracies, offering a baseline against which they can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their current approach to information dissemination, and giving recommendations for improvement. Download the full report, which is part of the Australia Indonesia Electoral Support Program, managed by The Asia Foundation and funded by Australian Aid.

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