Notes from the Field

Photo Exhibit: Asia’s Critical Issues Through the Lens of Award-Winning Photographers

August 13, 2014

This year, The Asia Foundation marks its 60th anniversary with a year-long global conversation on critical issues facing the region today. As part of this dialogue, the Foundation has organized a photography exhibition, “Critical Issues Facing Asia: Marking 60 Years,” at the World Affairs Council in San Francisco. The exhibit features 14 international photographers and incredible imagery of the six critical issues the Foundation is actively addressing, including: lack of transparency and accountability in government; persistent poverty and rising income inequality; exclusion of women from political and economic life; ethnic and religious conflict; access to justice and human rights; and disaster management, climate change, and water resource management.

On September 4, there will be an artist reception and a conversation behind the striking moments with Asia Foundation photographer Ted Alcorn and Alastair Gee, San Francisco-based correspondent of Monocle, a global magazine on international affairs. RSVP for this free event or visit the Facebook event page for updates.


A women in the Dacope region of southern Bangladesh stands outside her home which was rebuilt along an embankment after being destroyed by Cyclone Aila. Photo/Conor Ashleigh

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