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A Code of Conduct for Maritime Security

November 11, 2015

...ASEAN to have a common vision and agreement on marine environmental protection for regional seas, and a willingness to commit to a regional agreement to protect common areas, including the South China Sea. Bilateral cooperation is not enough. John J. Brandon is senior director of The Asia Foundation’s regional cooperation programs in Washington, D.C. He can be reached at


American Foreign Policy and American Education

May 13, 2015

...Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is the Education Department’s periodic assessment of America’s eighth graders, often called “the nation’s report card.” John Brandon What American policymakers and legislators on both sides of the aisle should understand is that there is a link between these two reports, because how well we teach the next generation about history, civics, and geography will...


Thailand and Taxes

April 15, 2015

...their taxes are being spent. The more Thais who pay taxes, the stronger the people’s voice will be. John J. Brandon is senior director of Regional Cooperation Programs for The Asia Foundation in Washington, D.C. He can be reached at The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and not those of The Asia Foundation....


George Dupont, the Only Thai in the U.S. Civil War

April 8, 2015

...than 150 years ago, Private George Dupont fought on some of history’s bloodiest battlefields, as far from his homeland as he could be, and he is probably the Civil War veteran buried farthest from the fields on which he fought. John J. Brandon is senior director of Regional Cooperation programs for The Asia Foundation in Washington, D.C. He can be...


ASEAN Integration: An Economic Community in 2015?

April 1, 2015

Will ASEAN Economic Integration beat the clock? Even as the December 2015 deadline looms, the question remains tantalizingly open. On April 8, in Washington DC, The Asia Foundation presents “ASEAN Integration: An Economic Community in 2015?” moderated by Director of Regional Cooperation John Brandon, and featuring Asia Foundation Chief Economist Veronique Salze-Lozac’h. The forum will be live-streamed here for...


Southeast Asia in 2015: Maritime Security, Myanmar Elections, TPP Top Agenda

January 7, 2015

...civil war, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Russia’s economic crisis, and a weak Afghanistan still vulnerable to the Taliban, the prospect for Southeast Asia to unite a regional economy of 600 million people and a GDP of $2.5 trillion seems perhaps within reach – but just not in 2015. John J. Brandon is director of Regional Cooperation Programs for The Asia...


Editor’s Picks: 2014 Must Reads

December 23, 2014

...John Brandon writes why credible reform, not shutdown, is needed to end the political standoff, and later, Kim McQuay looks at Thailand’s deepening political crisis that led to the removal of former Pheu Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in May. Lastly, regional integration issues grabbed readers’ attention: Analysis on Asia’s youngest country – Timor-Leste – and its...


A Conversation with Taiwan Women’s Movement Leader Yenlin Ku

December 17, 2014

The Asia Foundation’s director of Regional Cooperation Programs, John J. Brandon, and Chen-Dong Tso, the Foundation’s senior advisor in Taiwan, recently spoke with former Asia Foundation grantee, Professor Yenlin Ku, a leading feminist in Taiwan who helped to establish Taiwan’s first women’s studies center. As an accomplished leader, looking back, what do you consider the highlight or most...


Global Summits Shine Spotlight on Obama’s Pivot to Asia

October 22, 2014

...challenge for the administration will be how to inject fresh momentum into this strategy and not relegate America’s “pivot” or “rebalancing” to a mere diplomatic slogan. John J. Brandon is director of Regional Cooperation Programs for The Asia Foundation, based in Washington, D.C. On October 24, Brandon will moderate an Asia Foundation panel discussion in D.C. on Asia’s rising regionalism...


Panelists Discuss ASEAN Integration at Oct. 24 D.C. Panel

October 15, 2014

...bring together five leading scholars from the region to Washington, D.C., for a panel discussion on Asia’s rising regionalism and issues that remain for achieving regional integration. As part of the Foundation’s “Asian Perspectives Series,” the event will be moderated by the Foundation’s regional expert John Brandon and will be webcast live. Follow @Asia_Foundation on Twitter for live updates....