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Bangladesh: Billion Dollar Leather Sector Poised for Growth after Environmental Reform

April 15, 2015

Bangladesh’s highly productive leather sector, under growing international scrutiny for destructive environmental practices, now seems poised for new growth as a major environmental upgrade nears completion. For decades, pollution from Dhaka’s tanneries has poured into the Buriganga River, wiping out aquatic life and forcing the city to rely heavily on groundwater for washing and drinking.

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Bangladesh Moving Fast Toward Cleaner Leather Industry

April 16, 2014

Bangladesh’s Buriganga River, which flows along the southwest border of Dhaka, has long been a lifeline for this sprawling capital of over 15 million, and is today a vital economic link to the rest of the country connected by an intricate network of rivers and tributaries.

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Relocation a Boon for Bangladeshi Leather Sector

November 13, 2013

The government of Bangladesh and the two primary Bangladeshi leather industry trade associations reached a historical agreement last month to transfer the leather industry from central Dhaka to Savar, a new, environmentally compliant industrial zone on the outskirts of the city. According to the president of the Bangladesh Tanners Association, the new location could boost the industry’s export revenues from $1-5 billion. Economists predict that if the leather industry continues its impressive growth, it may even challenge the ready-made garment sector as one of Bangladesh’s most valuable exports.

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