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Framing Human Trafficking to Address Commoditization of Human Beings

August 13, 2014

The U.S Government’s latest Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Report makes some critical observations in relation to how 187 countries are addressing human trafficking, and how this relates to the larger issues of labor migration and its manifestation into forced labor. For Asia – the world’s most economically dynamic region with more than 30 million migrant workers – the findings come with enormous implications. This year’s report brought bad news for both Thailand and Malaysia, which were downgraded from last year’s Tier 2 Watch List to Tier 3, defined as “countries whose governments do not fully comply with the minimum standards.”

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Study on Labor Migration by Nepali and Bangladeshi Migrant Workers

January 8, 2014

According to the UN, an estimated 175 million people are currently living outside of their country of origin, many of whom are employed overseas as migrant workers. A new regional study commissioned by The Asia Foundation examines the patterns and process of labor migration by Nepali and Bangladeshi migrant workers using formal and informal channels […]

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