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Restoring Harmony - Sri Lanka's Community Mediation Boards

The Asia Foundation aims to improve access to justice by making legal and administrative institutions more responsive to citizens' needs and interests, while at the same time developing the capacity of disadvantaged groups, including ethnic minorities, to realize their rights. In Sri Lanka, The Asia Foundation is continuing more than a decade of support for the community mediation boards program of the Ministry of Justice. The mediation boards provide an affordable, quick, and accessible means for citizens to resolve disputes that might otherwise go without redress. Currently, there are 302 mediation boards in Sri Lanka, with just over 7,000 trained mediators handling an average of 112,000 disputes every year. According to a recent evaluation of the program conducted by the Foundation, 90 percent of people who had used a mediation service said that they were satisfied with the mediation process and 83 percent indicated that they would take future conflicts to the mediation boards.


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