Former Director, Peace, Islam and Development, Afghanistan

Fazel Rabi Haqbeen left the Foundation in October, 2013.

As Director for Peace, Islam and Development Programs in The Asia Foundation’s Kabul office, Fazel Rabi Haqbeen provided advice and guidance in strategic decision-making to the Office of the Country Representative (OCR) in his/her assigned area of responsibility, working in collaboration with other program units in program development, strategic planning, provision of technical assistance, and program reviews. He directed program planning, development and provided oversight on implementation of existing program/projects within his area of expertise and responsibilities. He undertook formal and informal mentoring of local staff to promote their professional development, and worked in partnership with other Foundation units in Afghanistan to identify technical and professional development needs requiring in-house or external training that will increase the effectiveness of the program staff in technical and financial program development, management, and monitoring.

Mr. Haqbeen is an expert in local governance, peace, civil society, and elections programming. He joined The Asia Foundation’s Afghanistan office as a senior program officer in 2004 with over two decades of experience working in key positions for national, international NGOs and the United Nations. Prior to working at the Foundation, he served in a variety of key leadership and management positions in the above mentioned agencies where he designed, initiated, and implemented a range of programs, from alternative technology programs to low-cost, community-based approaches. Mr. Haqbeen currently serves as a member of the Musahi District Council in Kabul. Since May 2011, he also serves as elected Steering Committee member at the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief’s (ACBAR).