Former Vice President, Field Operations

Richard Fuller left the Foundation in 2013.

Dr. Fuller was The Asia Foundation’s vice president for field operations, responsible for ensuring effective operations in Asia in accordance with The Asia Foundation’s mission, policies, and budget. In this capacity he supervised and evaluated the performance of the Foundation’s resident country representatives; oversees field office management, staffing, and operating budgets; and provides (daily) policy guidance and administrative support to the Foundation’s 18 offices in Asia.

Dr. Fuller joined the Foundation in 1984 as a program officer. He served as assistant country representative and country representative in Bangladesh, and as country representative in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. Prior to his present position, he served as senior director for South and Southeast Asia programs.

Dr. Fuller served on the board of directors of the Philippine-American Education Foundation and on the board of trustees of The International School, Manila. Prior to joining the Foundation, he was a consultant for the Village Development and Training Program in Bangladesh, and was a teacher at the American International School in Bangladesh.

Dr. Fuller was a U.N.-sanctioned observer of East Timor’s first national assembly elections in 2001 and a delegate to the International Conference on Reconstruction Assistance to Afghanistan in Japan in 2002. From October to November 2004, he served as the Foundation’s acting representative in Afghanistan. Dr. Fuller is a member of the Institute of International Education-West Coast Center’s Advisory Board.

Education: B.A. from California Western University; M.A. and Ph.D. in international development education from Florida State University.