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Books for Asia in Afghanistan

The Asia Foundation's Books for Asia program has donated more than 383,000 books to institutions in Afghanistan since 1954. The program operated in-country from the 1950s to the 1970s and reopened in 2002. Read program overview.

Status of Education in Afghanistan

Afghanistan's low literacy rates, estimated at 43 percent for adult males and 12.6 percent for adult females in 2000, hinder the country's economic and political development. Over the past five years, the Afghan government has been able to dramatically increase the number of children admitted into schools. However, security concerns and the lack of qualified teachers willing to work in many parts of the country remain enormous obstacles to serving this nation of 32.7 million people. Universities, schools, public libraries, and other institutions desperately need resources and assistance to rebuild their facilities, retrain their staff, and restock their shelves with local language and English books. English was introduced as a required second language in grades 4-12 in 2006. 

Current Focus

Books for Asia donates 40,000 new books donated by American publishers annually to about 280 institutions throughout the country. These include public libraries, schools, universities and teacher training centers to support youth and adult literacy; and nongovernmental organizations and government ministries to augment The Asia Foundation's work with local partners in law and governance.

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Books for Asia - Afghanistan
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