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Books for Asia in Bangladesh

The Asia Foundation's Books for Asia program has donated books to Bangladesh since 1954 and is the only regular book donation program in the country. Books for Asia has provided more than 2 million books in Bangladesh since the country's independence in 1971.

Status of Education in Bangladesh

Just over half (52.5 percent) of Bangladesh's adult population is literate, including nearly 60 percent of men and nearly 47 percent of women. About 14 percent of government spending is directed toward education. The World Bank estimates that 50 percent of Bangladesh's nearly 154 million citizens live in poverty. English is included in all textbooks in grades one through five. Private schools tend to emphasize English, while government-funded schools tend to emphasize Bengali.

Current Focus

Books for Asia donates more than 50,000 new books annually to approximately 500 institutions in all of Bangladesh's six divisions, including schools, colleges, medical institutes, and public libraries. The program has recently focused on assisting institutions and programs that promote educational opportunities for girls and women. Nongovernmental and governmental organizations include Imams (Muslim religious leaders) participating in The Asia Foundation's Leaders of Influence project and police and community policing groups participating in the Community Oriented Policing program.


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Sukla Dey
Books for Asia Coordinator

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