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Books for Asia in China

The Asia Foundation's Books for Asia program has delivered more than 3.5 million books to China since 1980.

Status of Education

Although China's literacy rate is high at over 90% (as of 2006), colleges and universities often lack the resources to acquire the kinds of professional books and publications needed to meet the changing demands of China's rapidly growing economy and increasingly open and dynamic society of 1.3 billion people. Since 2002, the Ministry of Education has promoted English as a compulsory subject beginning in grade 3 in both urban and rural schools.

Current Focus

In China, Books for Asia focuses on higher education. Each year, 80,000 new books contributed by American publishers reach more than 200 universities in 27 provinces. The vast majority of the books are professional texts related to critical development topics such as economics, finance, business, engineering, medicine, nursing, architecture, and computer science.

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