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Trade & Financial Sectors Reform

The Asia Foundation's Economic Reform and Development programs support Asian initiatives that enhance economic governance aimed at accelerating and sustaining broad-based economic growth. Based on decades of experience, the Foundation focuses on reform of the regulatory and structural constraints to investment, enterprise, and participation. The Asia Foundation promotes open and inclusive economic governance not only within countries but also across economies. 

Trade and Financial Sectors Reform

Broadened participation in international trade offers important avenues for growth for Asia's developing economies, since trade and investment generate vital markets for goods and services and serve as sources of capital, jobs, and technology. Yet the volatile and complex pace of globalization has created uncertainty about the downside risks presented by economic openness. To help counter these concerns, The Asia Foundation supports analysis that shows the net positive results of the interplay between international trade reforms and domestic welfare. Likewise, the Foundation supports efforts by reformers to build domestic understanding of and support for needed reforms, including the necessary adjustment and compensation mechanisms.

The support of the local business community and labor are key to economic openness and competitiveness. The Foundation has a long history of supporting local, national, and regional organizations and initiatives that promote economic reform and cooperation. The Foundation has invested modest resources on interventions and networking to strengthen country dialogue and engagement in trade and financial sector development so that economic development policy and implementation effectively supports investment and growth. The Foundation continues to sustain relationships with important regional groups and seeks to identify new ways to strengthen the voice of the private sector in national and regional policymaking.

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