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Please note: Years listed represent the fiscal year in which the project took place. Projects from a completed fiscal year (Oct. 1 - Sept. 30) are added the following fiscal year.

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Projects : Local & Participatory Economic Governance

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Community-Based Clean Water Solutions

Support for the development of "Community-based Clean Water Solutions," by selecting a section of a river and designing a future pilot project in the area with community-based clean water solutions and participation through multi-stakeholder consultations.


Assessment of Local Economic Governance

Gaining a better understanding of local economic governance conditions in Indonesia so that local governments, the private sector, and civil society can address barriers to private sector development through reform and advocacy.

Local Partner:

Regional Autonomy Watch (KPPOD)

Total Expenditures: $4,641

Funding Sources:
Australian Aid

Local Economic Governance (LEG)

Promoting private sector participation in subnational level local government initiatives that improve revenue generation, increase efficiency of public service delivery mechanisms, and promote tourism development in selected locations in the Eastern Province.

Local Partners:

Akkaraipattu Municipal Council; Batticaloa Municipal Council; Centre for Information and Resource Management; Ministry of Local Government & Provincial Councils; Kalmunai Urban Council; Trincomalee Urban Council


Local Economic Governance (LEG)

Improving the enabling environment for small and medium enterprises at the subnational level by increasing revenue generation, providing more efficient delivery of regulatory services, and creating mechanisms for private sector and community feedback.

Local Partners:

Ministry of Local Government & Provincial Councils; Commissioner of Local Government –Northern Province; Sri Lanka Institute of Local Government; Federation of Sri Lanka Local Government Authorities; Vavuniya Urban Council (UC); Jaffna Municipal Council (MC); Mannar UC; Kalmunai MC; Trincomalee UC; Ampara UC; Batticaloa MC; Galle MC; Badulla MC; Centre for Information and Resource Management; Jaffna Chamber of Commerce; Anuradhapura District Chamber of Commerce & Industries and Agriculture; Hambantota District Chamber of Commerce; Central Province Women's Chamber of Commerce; The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce; Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Sri Lanka; Central Province Chamber of Commerce and Industries; Mannar District Chamber of Commerce and Industries; Jaffna District Chamber of Commerce & Industries; Batticaloa District Chamber of Commerce & Industries; Batticaloa Chamber of Commerce & Industries; Yalpanam Chamber of Commerce & Industries; National Economic Social Advancement Movement; JSAC; SEEDO; Uva Community Development Centre


Development and Policies Research Center

Technical assistance to the Rural Development Center (RUDEC) for the development of a composite rural public service index; Training course on quantitative research (methods, techniques, and applied statistics) to enhance the capacity of the RUDEC research team; Multi-purpose data and research resource center for an extensive user community—including researchers, students, lecturers, social workers, and policymakers in Vietnam—to facilitate evidence-based analysis for research, policymaking, and social development programs.


Local Economic Governance Program

Strengthening the private sector in rural Bangladesh by enhancing the capacity of business associations (samities) to represent member interests and more effectively engage with public agencies and officials; Improving the demand and supply sides of the local-level public sector service market for promotion of rural Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) at the sub-district level; Enhancing the sustainability and stakeholder ownership of subnational business reforms by providing technical support to facilitate dialogue among the different business stakeholders at the district level.


Metro TV and Jawa Pos Institute of Pro-Otonomi (JPIP)

Preparing case studies, publishing articles, and hosting television talk shows about local governance and economic growth in three provinces.


North Sumatera Small Business Association (Forda UKM Sumatera Utara)

Establishing small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) associations in Aceh; Training SME associations in policy advocacy to ensure private sector concerns are heard during local policymaking processes.


One Stop Shop (OSS) business licensing centers

BITRA Foundation Indonesia; Center for Public Policy Analysis (Akademika); Citizen Advocacy Institute (PIAR); Community Advocacy Institute of Cendana Wangi (Lakmas Cendana Wangi); Rural Technological Development Institute (LPTP); Research Center of the University of Nusa Cendana (Lemlit Undana).

Establishing and improving One Stop Shop (OSS) business licensing centers to expedite, and reduce the costs of business permits in East Nusa Tenggara and Aceh; Assisting provincial governments of Aceh, Bali, East Nusa Tenggara, and North Sulawesi to strengthen their role in monitoring and supporting district-level OSS; Working with the Ministry of Home Affairs to revise national OSS guidelines and to develop an OSS curriculum and a monitoring and evaluation framework.


Partnership with the German Technical Assistance (GTZ)-Private Sector Promotion Program

Mapping business associations in Cambodia and updating the 2009 Business Association Directory.      

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