Legal Aid Assessment and Roadmap – Afghanistan


To assist the Ministry of Justice in meeting its constitutional duty under Article 31 of Afghanistan’s Constitution to appoint defense attorneys for indigents accused in criminal cases, The Asia Foundation undertook a broad assessment of the legal aid landscape in Afghanistan, including: mapping the legal aid landscape in Afghanistan, assessing the various models of legal aid delivery being used/piloted, assessing the impact of the current regulatory framework on legal aid delivery, and identifying realistic interventions and reforms within the Ministry of Justice and the legal aid community that will improve legal aid delivery in Afghanistan. The goal was to create a system that is realistic and flexible and that can grow and adapt based on available resources. The system should also recognize the strengths and weaknesses of different actors and distribute the appropriate duties and tasks to them. As such, the Foundation designed a Legal Aid Assessment Roadmap to present a sequenced set of recommendations that will assist the government of Afghanistan to meet its constitutional duty to provide legal aid, support Afghanistan’s developing defense bar, and clarify a set of priorities for donor agencies.

Posted May 22, 2017
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