2011 Lotus Circle Leadership Awards Luncheon

On June 8, 2011, The Asia Foundation and The Lotus Circle honored Dr. David Ho at the first annual Lotus Leadership Awards Luncheon in New York City for his contributions to the health and well-being of Chinese women and children. In a statement, Asia Foundation President David. D. Arnold said: “Dr. Ho’s landmark [HIV/AIDS] policy work cleared the way for organizations like ours to speak candidly with young Chinese migrant women workers about their health and their rights.” Since the late 1990s, The Asia Foundation has educated more than 900,000 women in over 1,000 factories and in more than 22 cities and districts in the Pearl River Delta about personal health, safety, and their legal rights as factory workers. The Lotus Circle is a new community of philanthropists working with The Asia Foundation to empower girls and women across Asia. The Lotus Leadership Awards Luncheon was created and organized by Lotus Circle Advisors, including Luncheon Co-chairs Gina Lin Chu, Carol Rattray, Missie Rennie, and Masako Shinn.

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