Photojournalist Aref Yaqubi Captures Afghanistan’s Historic Ghazni

Situated in eastern Afghanistan along the strategic route that links Kabul and Kandahar, Ghazni plays a key role in the historical, economic, agricultural, and political realms of contemporary Afghanistan, and was named the “Capital of Islamic Culture” for 2013 by the Islamic Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. This year, The Asia Foundation hosted award-winning photojournalist and former BBC World Service reporter in Afghanistan, Aref Yaqubi at its San Francisco headquarters, where he presented a special collection of his photography from Afghanistan: “Historic Ghazni, Capital of Islamic Culture for 2013 and Aspects of Social Progress in Afghanistan.” Yaqubi, who was awarded the Best Investigative Reporter of the Year by the Commission on Human Rights in Afghanistan, was also a participant in the Foundation’s Hayward-Ghazni Exchanges in 2011. Here is a sampling of photos from this collection, with findings from the new 2013 Survey of the Afghan People throughout.

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