Nepal Elections

Nepal elections 

Why Nepal’s Upcoming Local Elections Matter More than Ever

April 26, 2017


On May 14, Nepalis will go to elections for newly-delineated local (village and municipal) governments. These comprise one of three constitutionally mandated elections to be completed by January 2018. At the time they were announced, the news of elections at the local level brought mixed reactions from those who wish for some si… Read more


The Nepali Times: NT Studio with George Varughese

April 19, 2017

Media Coverage

The Nepali Times interviews The Asia Foundation’s Country Representative in Nepal George Varughese on the country’s upcoming local elections. 


Nepal Holds Elections: Now on to the Constitution

November 20, 2013


This week, Nepal once again showed the world that its people believe in a peaceful, democratic means to select those who govern them. On a cold election-day morning on November 19, an estimated 70 percent of Nepalis went to the polls – hundreds lined up well before stations had even opened…