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Environment Fund

We believe that responsible use of natural resources is vital for sustaining productive and healthy life on earth. When people have the tools and skills to adapt and prepare for environmental and climate change challenges, they have the ability to overcome poverty and maintain clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and a healthy environment for future generations. At The Asia Foundation, we bring citizens' voices into decisions about the environment and natural resources that affect their daily lives. We promote policies that ensure the needs of Asia's most vulnerable populations are met.

When you give to The Asia Foundation's Environment Fund in any amount, you:

  • Pave the way for environmentally sensitive practices and policies
  • Help communities build resilience to climate change
  • Give communities the tools to effectively manage their own natural resources
  • Support the next generation of environmental  leaders

Your contribution helps people throughout the Asia-Pacific sustain a healthy environment for themselves, their communities, and the world.

Donate to the Environment Fund and make a difference today!

Any Amount Can Help

Contributions to the Environment Fund are combined for maximum impact to meet a wide range of critical needs including:

  • $25 can provide a student in Afghanistan with educational books to help them better understand how to protect their local environment.
  • $65 can enable a community in Mongolia to engage with government and mining companies in advancing responsible resource use.
  • $100 can supply communities in Laos with a water-monitoring kit complete with training manual, kicknet, 2-way viewers, sieves, and petri dishes to identify the health of local water resources.
  • $500 can provide materials and toolkits to train communities in the Pacific Islands on how to manage risks from natural disasters and climate change, such as rising sea levels, floods, and storms.
  • $1,000 can sponsor a partial scholarship for an Asian leader in environmental management to participate in educational exchanges.

Thank you for your support!

Our Impact

Natural Resource Management

Communities in Mongolia live close to their land, and sustainable natural resource management is critical for the country's future prosperity. We work together to build the voices of and empower rural communities to manage their natural resources, and engage with government and mining companies to advance responsible mining and environmental conservation.

Water Quality Monitoring

The Mekong River Basin provides food for the majority of families in Laos, so healthy river systems are vital to Laotian livelihoods. We work with community members and students to maintain fresh water sources by empowering them to monitor and manage river water quality and assess the environmental impact of development.

Preparing for Natural Disasters

The Pacific Island nations are extremely vulnerable to natural disasters, such as tsunamis, droughts, floods, and tropical storms. As climate change threatens to increase the frequency and intensity of these hazards, we work to prepare at-risk communities in 14 Pacific Island nations with disaster risk management training and establishing early warning alert systems.

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