Increase Environmental Resilience

NAVTAF_LEVIWe promote the active engagement of civil society, government, private sector, and other stakeholders to advance progressive change on major environmental challenges including disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation and green growth, and natural resources management.


  • More effective management of natural resources for sustainable development
  • Increased ability of government, business, and private communities to mitigate climate change and natural disaster risks
  • Increased incorporation of environmental considerations into national and urban plans and policies

Improving Water Quality in Laos

Clean rivers in Laos are critically important to the well-being of local communities and to the country’s national development. Nearly 80 percent of the population of this landlocked Southeast Asian nation depends on river-fed subsistence agriculture for its survival. At the same time, hydropower exports from the Mekong River and its major tributaries now represent the country’s single largest industry, and new dam construction is challenging traditional livelihoods for the communities who live along the river. With support from the McConnell Foundation, The Asia Foundation has been helping Lao citizens  play an influential role in protecting their rivers by engaging them in decision-making and building their capacity to support environmental protection.

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River systems in South Asia

South Asia is one of the most densely populated and water scarce regions in the world. In managing shared rivers, regional cooperation on water remains a key constraint. We are focused on convening multi-stakeholder and multi-country dialogues and engagements on shared rivers. Our most recent work seeks to promote open sharing of water and climate data in South Asia. With support from the Skoll Global Threats Fund and in partnership with the World Resources Institute, we assessed the availability of data and information relating to four transboundary rivers in Bangladesh, India, and Nepal, building the capacities of civil society and the media to utilize transparency tools and mechanisms.

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