Promote International Cooperation

NAVTAF_LIRAsia faces many non-traditional security challenges at the subnational level which are closely linked to domestic economic and political issues in different countries, but which have ramifications beyond borders: from environmental degradation, natural disasters, and trafficking-in-persons to maritime security, ethnic and religious conflict, and failed systems of governance. We help strengthen relations among Asian nations in an effort to foster peace, stability, prosperity, and effective governance.


  • Strengthened institutions and regional networks addressing critical issues in the region
  • Increased foreign policy capacity in Asian countries
  • Increased understanding of and cooperation in international affairs and development assistance
  • Strengthened U.S. engagement with Asian partners to address critical regional and global challenges

Asian Views on America's Role in Asia

Asian Views on America’s Role in Asia brings together a distinguished group of Asian and American policy experts, current and former diplomats, and scholars to develop recommendations for U.S. policy toward Asia. The program reflects The Asia Foundation’s view that if workable solutions to common problems are to be found, perspectives from both sides of the Pacific must be heard and shared.

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Indonesian Maritime Strategy in the 21st Century

Located strategically at the global nexus of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelagic country, sharing maritime borders with 10 countries. With these vast waters of strategic importance, the questions of risks, threats, and security are at the heart of Indonesian policy. Indonesia is now undertaking initiatives to emerge as a regional maritime power. Against this backdrop, President Joko Widodo has developed an ambitious vision of transforming Indonesia into a Global Maritime Fulcrum. This policy encompasses five key aspects: maritime culture; marine resources; connectivity; maritime diplomacy; and naval development.