Afghan citizens defied security threats and turned out in millions to vote in 2014’s highly anticipated elections, leading to the country’s first democratic transition from one elected president to another. We support Afghan citizens to create a stable, functioning society, focusing on strengthening key executive branch agencies; and support programs in civic education, women’s empowerment, education, Islam and development, and free and fair elections.

Afghanistan in 2015: A Survey of the Afghan People

The Asia Foundation’s Survey of the Afghan People is Afghanistan’s broadest and longest-running public opinion poll. After the first full year of Afghanistan’s National Unity Government, 9,586 Afghans from all 34 provinces tell us what they think about corruption, security, the economy, women’s rights, the Taliban. For over a decade our surveys in Afghanistan have served as a powerful resource for decision makers and an unmatched barometer of Afghan opinions over time.

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Asian Views on America's Role in Asia

Recommendations for the Incoming U.S. President on Policy Towards Asia

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