The people and natural resources of Cambodia remain at risk of exploitation, and the ongoing violation of basic rights threaten the country’s democratic development. Despite these challenges, we help strengthen governance and democracy; support vulnerable communities in protecting their basic rights; and enhance opportunities for long-term sustainable development by reducing barriers to growth and enhancing citizen engagement in local decision-making.


A Survey of Livelihood Strategies and Expectations for the Future

The aim of this report is to better understand the most recent social, political, and economic trends among various social groups in Cambodia, by canvassing their opinions of and expectations for economic improvement, social reform, and political choice, locally and nationally. In recent years, The Asia Foundation has conducted a series of research projects exploring the country’s contemporary social and political dynamics. This body of work attempted to discern the impact that deep structural reforms taking place in both the economy and society were having across different socio-economic groups in Cambodia. The research we present here is an effort to further explore these issues.

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