The Foundation’s office in Myanmar from 1958-1962 supported a wide range of programs for Burmese institutions in reform and education. We re-established a resident country office in Yangon in 2013, working with partners in government, the private sector, and civil society to build the country’s capacity for regional and global integration, strengthen institutions and processes of democratic governance, support initiatives for inclusive economic development, promote women’s empowerment and political participation, and increase public access to information.

Subnational Governance in Myanmar Discussion Paper Series

The Asia Foundation, together with Center for Economic and Social Development of the Myanmar Development Resource Institute (MDRI), launched a “Subnational Governance in Myanmar Discussion Paper Series” in February 2014. Now in its sixth volume, the papers provide Myanmar’s policymakers at national and local levels, civil society organizations, the business community, and development partners with research findings on subnational governance issues that directly inform policy and reform processes.

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