Sri Lanka

Citizens here recently demonstrated their extraordinary resilience and preserved their long-standing democracy by voting overwhelmingly for a new president. After three decades of civil war, we are working in Sri Lanka to help achieve long-term peace and prosperity by strengthening institutions of governance and supporting economic growth, security, and justice.

Psychosocial Workers in Sri Lanka

May 2009 marked the end of Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war, but much work remains to heal the deep psychological wounds from this long and brutal ethnic conflict. This photo essay documents The Asia Foundation’s psychosocial program in Sri Lanka through the lens of six psychosocial workers working with the Family Rehabilitation Centre (FRC) in the North and East of Sri Lanka – the regions most affected by the war. Although the focus of these programs are the clients, at the heart of the Foundation’s program are the community service providers – psychosocial workers, field officers, and community volunteers – many of whom were also deeply affected by the conflict. This photo essay shares their voices, demonstrating the challenges they face, their commitment, and compassion, as well as the changes that have come about in their own lives through their work.

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