A military coup in May 2014 ended months of escalating political tension and violence in the streets of Bangkok, suspending electoral democracy. Meanwhile, a persistent subnational conflict in Southern Thailand has claimed more than 6,000 lives. Political unrest threatened a traditionally resilient Thai economy, while structural constraints further threaten its growth trajectory. We support peaceful conflict mitigation, criminal justice reform, democratic reform, economic development, and regional cooperation.


Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) Training Package

Co-developed by The Asia Foundation, The Department of Water Resource, and Kasetsart University, this IWRM curriculum, Thailand’s first of its kind, is tailored for river basin organizations and multi-stakeholder in the river basins. It is structured as a two-part package; a) fundamental concept and principles behind the basin approach to water management, guiding principles of basin planning and how it differs from other planning, application of this approach elsewhere in other contexts, and processes and practical steps to apply the approach; and b) application to Thachine River Basin—this 9-chapter part includes all key information about Thachine and provides overview of the basin using an integrated approach, with exercises and ready-to-use power point presentations included in every chapter.

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