Newly democratic, natural resource dependent, Timor-Leste’s development is at risk of interruption by corruption and inefficiency in its young institutions. Strengthening the capabilities of these institutions, and citizens’ understanding of them, is a key focus of our Dili staff.


Survey of the Community-Police Perceptions

A Survey of the Community-Police Perceptions in Timor-Leste is The Asia Foundation’s second public opinion survey in Timor-Leste focused on security and safety issues. The survey used questions from a 2008 survey to track changes in indicators over the last several years and included new lines of questioning to gauge the current context. Using distinct survey templates that targeted the general public, community leaders, and members of the police service, the survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews and collected the views of 3,106 people from all 13 districts of Timor-Leste.

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