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The Asia Foundation’s office in Washington organizes substantive dialogues with key audiences on policy issues facing the Asia-Pacific. Roundtables, forums, lectures, and dialogues provide policymakers, non-governmental leaders, journalists, and scholars with opportunities to hear contemporary views from Asia. With field offices throughout Asia, the Foundation has extraordinary access to current and emerging leaders and to staff experts in the field, who contribute valuable perspectives on developments and dynamics affecting the region.

Post-Election Myanmar: Context, Opportunities & Challenges

On March 16 The Asia Foundation hosted a panel at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC, featuring: Kim N. B. Ninh, Asia Foundation country representative for Myanmar; Ma Thida, President of PEN Myanmar; Tin Htoo Naing, Director of the Center for Economy, Environment and Society; Kim Jolliffe, Lead Researcher of the Social Services in Contested Area Project, The Asia Foundation. Panelists discussed political, economic, and social challenges the incoming NLD-led government will face and explored issues around broader public sector reform and public administrative systems of ethnic armed actors, based on findings from Conceptualizing Public Sector Reform in Myanmar and Ethnic Armed Conflict and Territorial Administration in Myanmar, two in an ongoing series of analytic reports by The Asia Foundation.

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Top photo: Pete Marovich; bottom photo: Thet Htoo