Khan Bank and The Asia Foundation Partner to Promote Education and Learning Nationwide

Ulaanbaatar, August 6, 2006 — Khan Bank and The Asia Foundation Partner to Promote Education and Learning Nationwide

Today in Mongolia, The Asia Foundation and Khan Bank launched the Mobile Library that will begin a 20-day journey across Mongolia in an effort to promote education and learning nationwide. The Mobile Library will travel to 10 soums in 5 aimags where 10,000 books worth more than US$200,000 will be donated to schools.

“Our partnership with one of Mongolia’s most sound and best-branched banks will help inspire the next generation of leaders and thinkers across the country,” according to William Foerderer Infante, The Asia Foundation’s representative in Mongolia. The Foundation’s Books for Asia program, has donated hundreds of thousands of books to libraries, universities, schools, and other educational institutions over the past decade. With Khan Bank, The Asia Foundation will deliver books and other educational materials more broadly and to more remote parts of the country in the future.

“Khan Bank is deeply committed to building strong communities where reading and learning captivates and informs youth and adults. Our 405 offices are in every community and neighborhood of the country, and each represents an opportunity to deliver learning and knowledge,” said J. Peter Morrow, Chief Executive Officer of Khan Bank. “We are using our unique banking network to support education everywhere.”

On the first trip, the Mobile Library will travel from Ulaanbaatar to Uvs and back. Before the end of the year, Khan Bank and The Asia Foundation are planning at least two more trips, one across northern Mongolia, and the other to Eastern aimags.

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