Winter 2007/2008

Postcards from America: Audio Letters from the Nepalese Diaspora

Antenna Foundation - NepalThe Antenna Foundation Nepal is far from a typical news organization. These Kathmandu-based reporters and producers strap mobile transmitters on their backs, “doko-style,” and trek into remote areas in the Himalayas to reach extremely isolated communities. Once there, they find a bamboo tree to fashion a tall, make-shift antenna and hook up receivers, so residents can hear what’s going on in their country. Then, they turn the microphones over to villagers and let them tell their stories. Back in Kathmandu, Antenna broadcasts their grassroots story-gathering in an effort to keep government officials in touch with their rural constituents.

This spring, in partnership with The Asia Foundation, The Antenna Foundation Nepal will pack up their equipment and trek across the United States to uncover stories of their own Nepalese diaspora. Their interviews and reports will explore questions about why people leave Nepal, what they find in the U.S., social and cultural experiences in both countries, and reflections on life in America, against a backdrop of one country struggling to hold Constituent Assembly elections, and another’s drawn out presidential primary season. Antenna’s findings will become a 12-part radio magazine, Postcards from America, which will be broadcast to approximately 8.5 million listeners across Nepal.

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