Spring 2008

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus and Books for Asia

In the late 1950s, Muhammad Yunus was a college student in Bangladesh. The future Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of Grameen Bank, Yunus likely did not know he would one day establish micro-credit — loans for very small businesses, radically altering poor people’s ability to make money. He was struggling then, too — but he did have an advantage, he remembers: “beautiful textbooks,” donated by Books for Asia. He credits the pristine, English-language books with illuminating the world of economics and inspiring him to learn more.

Since 1954, Books for Asia, the Foundation’s longest-running program, has been committed to the belief that knowledge and education are critical for Asian nations to advance their citizens and societies. Books for Asia puts nearly one million up-to-date books and resources of the highest quality into the hands of students, teachers, and librarians in 17 Asian countries each year. For more information, visit www.booksforasia.org.

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