Building Bridges in Timor-Leste Through Reading

Aileu, May 19, 2010 — To celebrate Timor-Leste’s ten years of independence on May 20, 2010, the Aileu Resource and Training Center (ARTC), with support from The Asia Foundation, will gather together about 145 primary, pre-secondary, and secondary school students from 49 schools in the Aileu District to take part in a reading contest. ARTC’s mission is developing community activities while strengthening education skills.

“When we read, we give value to our culture; ourselves; our intellect; our capacity; and our nation, Timor-Leste. By reading we have the opportunity to build a good society,” said Mize da Silva, Books for Asia program officer at The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste.

Topics for this year’s reading contest will focus on environmental issues, highlighting concerns about worldwide climate change. Students participating in this competition attend schools located from the sub-districts of Aileu-Villa, Remexio, Lequidoe, and Laulara. This contest provides opportunities to students from all levels to participate in developing their reading and speaking skills, and to gain an appreciation for literacy.

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