Winter 2010/2011

Visiting Fellow: Premesh Chandran, Founder and CEO of Malaysiakini

The founder and CEO of Malaysia’s major independent online news site was this year’s Chang-Lin Tien Visiting Fellow. Mr. Premesh Chandran was honored for creating Malaysiakini as an alternative to the constraints of the mainstream media in Malaysia.

The fellowship brought Mr. Chandran to the U.S., where he attended the 2010 Annual Conference on Social Capital Markets in San Francisco and visited media on the west coast, including “hyperlocal” websites such as Oakland Local and the West Seattle Blog, and more established institutions, such as Mother Jones magazine, KQED News, Google, and Amazon.

The Chang-Lin Tien Fellowship honors the former U.C. Berkeley chancellor and late chair of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. It offers mid-career Asian professionals an opportunity for mutually beneficial intellectual exchange with counterparts in the U.S.