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Wajahat Ali awarded The William P. Fuller Fellowship in Conflict Resolution

April 1, 2011 — Mr. Wajahat Ali, a researcher with the Pak Institute of Peace Studies and veteran print and broadcast journalist, has worked with some of the leading media outlets in Pakistan, including Dawn News TV on Pakistan’s foreign policy and regional security. Mr. Ali has studied the genesis of various disputes in and around Pakistan and has sought to understand the factors perpetuating them. His fellowship consisted of six-month research affiliation at the New America Foundation in Washington D.C. and focused on Pakistan’s increasing radicalization. He wrote a number of articles during his program and was invited by several research institutions to address this topic, the media in Pakistan and US-Pakistan relations. The Foundation also arranged for Mr. Ali to meet with research centers and other organizations dealing with conflict in the domestic or international contexts. A Q & A with Mr. Ali is available on The Asia Foundation’s In Asia blog.

This tribute reflects the organization’s long-standing interest in the field and Dr. Fuller’s personal concern for furthering the professional development of a cadre of young Asians with leadership potential and a commitment to advancing knowledge and experience regarding the management of sub-national conflicts. The fellowship award supports a six-month professional affiliation with a relevant institution in the U.S. arranged by The Asia Foundation. The program may also include visits to selected cities in the US and in some cases, Asia, for additional meetings with specialists.

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