Asia Foundation Unveils Data Site “Visualizing Afghanistan” for 2011 Survey of the Afghan People

Event: November 17, 2011, San Francisco

Six years of survey data available to the public

San Francisco, November 17, 2011 — To accompany the broadest and most comprehensive public opinion poll of Afghan citizens, Afghanistan in 2011: A Survey of the Afghan People, The Asia Foundation launched an interactive mapping platform and data visualization site, Visualizing Afghanistan. Through Visualizing Afghanistan, the Foundation is making its Afghan survey data available and downloadable to researchers and the public to use and republish, with citation.

For the first time, users can download and analyze data for six of the Foundation’s most recent annual surveys in Afghanistan from 2006 to 2011. Users can also explore key survey questions, map responses by region, compare national or regional totals on a year-by-year basis, or expand supplementary data in a variety of ways.

“We created Visualizing Afghanistan to interactively share with a global audience the broad views of the Afghan people on issues relevant to peace, security, and development,” explains John Karr, Director for Digital Media at The Asia Foundation and lead developer for Visualizing Afghanistan. “We hope to bring an unprecedented level of transparency to our survey work in Afghanistan – in ways that can benefit the development community, policy-makers, researchers, and the general public.”

Afghanistan in 2011: A Survey of the Afghan People is the broadest and most comprehensive public opinion poll conducted in the country. In-person interviews took place between July 2 and August 1, 2011, in all 34 provinces. The survey was made possible through the support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Download the survey report at

Designed as a barometer of Afghan public opinion to inform national leaders, scholars, donors, and policy-makers, the survey report explores the Afghan perspective on national mood, security, reconciliation and reintegration, economy, development and service delivery, governance, corruption, political participation, justice systems, women in society, and access to information.

The survey’s key findings, frequently asked questions, slideshow, and other multimedia are also available on our website. Interact with us on Facebook or follow @Asia_Foundation on Twitter.

Read more about the Foundation’s programs in Afghanistan. For media inquiries, please visit the Press Room.

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